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The Intervention

Title: The Intervention
Rating: R
Pairing: Hitler / FDR
Summary: Roosevelt is willing to do anything to prevent WWII from happening.

Disclaimer: Any similarity between the fictional version of the person portrayed here and the actual person is purely coincidental. This is a work of fiction. This is not an attempt to defame the character of said person on the basis of libel, as the work is FICTIONAL (and NOT an intently false statement created with the express purpose of misleading others about the actual character of said person).

            The year is 1938, the place is Berlin. Franklin D Roosevelt is secretly in Germany to discuss the inhumanity of the impending war that his host, Adolf Hitler is about engage in. The night before the council meeting where he will present his alternate to savage combat with the ferocious Germans, FDR in his wheelchair is in his suite in Hitler's palace reviewing his notes. His round stomach pokes through his robe and rests upon a pair of shorts two sizes too small. His large face is sweaty with persperation for it is unusually warm and stuffy in his room. Franklin's mind wanders to his wife Elenanor and he is slighty aroused. With one hand grasping his papers he has another lightly rubbing his half dead lower half. All of a sudden, the door creaks open and a sharply dressed and toned Adolf Hitler enters the room. He is wearing his officer's jacket over top of a long red silk robe. As he slinkily enters the room he looks directly at Roosevelt's partially hard rod. "Oh my, good surr. I hopes i iz not interrupting anything sir," the hunky Hitler coes in a very rough English. Roosevelt blushes. He puts his fistful of papers over his plump pajama bottoms. "Nah you need not worry about dat. " Roosevelt puts down his papers, his rifle not truly at attention. "Welllll good sir," Roosevelt chortles, "you are what we Yankees call a peach." Hitler is swinging around the room to and fro. "Mien President, if you wish to advert war i have an offer for you," Hitler whispers. FDR responds warmly, " My dear boy, i would be delight to go to any means nessesary to save our world from war." Hitler lets out a little giggle. "Well mien sir, makin with tah disrobin." With this this trim and fit Hitler motioned with his hand for his scrumptious American couterpart to take off his clothes. Adolf drooped his sholders and let his officer's jacket slide  to the floor. From there he walks over to Delino and cradles his two legs over Delino's cripples lower body. Franklin throws his robe violently to the other side of the room. "Dear boy, i am quite charmed to take part in such a love charade, especially since you are appealing to my sexual tastes, you dandy. But i will need your help with my shorts." Roosevelt gives a sly grin and raises his eyebrows. Adolf gives a whimper of anticipation and from his position at the end of Roosevelt's legs he thrusts his firm arms and grabs hold of the American President's shorts. He lifts the diabled legs and hurtles the shorts to the opposite side of the room as the New Yorker's robe. Now both men are completely nude. The room was already hot but now it is practically at a boil. The air is moist with kinetic sex and smells like sweaty members. Hitler and Roosevelt's eyes lock into one another with excitement. Hitler breaks the trance and gazes down. He sees FDR's large tank raised and ready for battle. "Dear lad, due to my polio i do not have much feeling in my legs. You may do whatever masocistic delicassies you wish to them." Hitler silents him with a warm wet kiss on the mouth. His little black mustache tickles as it brushes up against Frank's face. "Oh my, you tart! I hope we can rig up a pulley system so i may have some power to engage your ass cheeks in a Battle of my Bulge. " Hitler giggles with sexual extascy. He takes the former Govoner's legs and throws them behind his head. Hitler keeps sapping the legs and scarthing at them. Roosevelt grows even more sweaty and has a look of complete delight in his head. He lets out a low moan. " Ein! You lovely fool!   I iz can not hold it any longer! Prepare to be taken by the master race!" And with  that Hitler prepared to go down on Polio-stricken Presidet...


To Be Continued

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