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Hitler Slash

His arm wasn't the only thing raised...

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Ahh, Hitler Slash. Why make a Hitler slash livejournal website you might ask? Well, the answer is simple my comrade. Hitler was the shit-ler when it comes to good looks. Nothing gets us hotter here at the Hitler/Slash community then the idea of Hitler showing other historical figures why they are called the master race (and by that i mean Hitler would be awesome in bed with other guys). So this community encourages the sharring of self written historical fiction involving Hitler.

There are no strict rules here. It doesnt havvvee to be about Hitler.It could be Patton and MacCarthy.It doesnt have to be historical. It could be Hitler and Marvin the Martian. But i guess just try and keep the loose idea of this holy community. The main concept is to enjoy yourself and write delicious historical fictions.

Heil Slash!